The best tour I had so far. The hotels, buses were so impressive, and we felt pampered the whole time. We really had a grand time. Thank you very much for making it an experience of a lifetime.

- Manali Joshi , Vashi( Rajsthan Tour)
आम्ही शिमला मनाली ची टूर अल्फोन्सो हॉलीडेस मधून बुक केली होती . खूपच सुंदर माहिती सुरुवातीपासून त्यांनी दिली. सर्व ठिकाणी छान सुंदर हॉटेल,छान जेवण , गाडी ची सोय पण खूप उत्तम होती. सगळे पाहता खूप छान , मस्त, आनंददायी सहल आमची झाली त्या साठी Mr. दुर्वास सरांचे आभार .

- प्रशांत मोरे, ( शिमला मनाली टूर )
I just got back from my Shimla manali tour. I cannot tell you what a fantastic time I had. I loved the accommodations and the meals were all excellent. The tour company in Alphonso Holidyas was superb.

- Anil Agrwal, Panvel (Himachal Tour)
Great tour! It was so well planned out by the company. Tour Leader were very helpful, the hotels, the breakfasts, and the transfers were all as described. Our accommodations were always very clean; I would not have changed anything about this trip.

- Radhika Sharma, Nerul ( Kerala Tour)
I would like to take the time to thank you for a wonderful vacation that you prepared for my family. The hotels were all nice and comfortable, Good Food. Thank you Alphonso Holidays & Mr. Durvas.

- Rahim Shekh, Dadar ( Himachal Tour)
ग्रेट टूर !!! बहुत हि खूबसूरत टूर रही हमारी । साफसुधरे हॉटेल रूम , बडिया खाना और सबसे बडीया टूर लिडर ,हमेशा मुस्कुराते वेलकम करनेवाला,बस मैं मस्ती मजाक करके एन्जॉय करनेवाला ।टूर कब शुरु हुई और खतम कब हो गई पता ही नहीं चला ।टूर मैं हमे १ नया परिवार मिल गया ।Thank you Alphonso Holidays....

- Kailash Mishra, Thane ( Himachal Tour)
Believe me, we had marvelous vacation with Alphonso holidays and I am recommended every one…. Thank you Alphonso Holidays.

- Pratik Pathak, Pune ( Sikkim)
Our Honeymoon was pretty spectacular and I know it would not have been what it was without your tour arrangement. The service was first class all the way and everything we expected and more. We love you Alphonso Holidays.............

- Neelam Sharma,Navi Mumbai (Himachal Tour)